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Didit Handmade

Didit Handmade was founded by Nilüfer, who tried to reduce her ecological impact and advocated a vegan life. Originally an art director, Nilüfer founded her brand in 2021, combining manual labor and efforts to not use the limited resources of our planet without limit.

She produces special bags and accessories by incorporating a creative and detailed perspective into her production processes.

Nilüfer carefully chooses all the materials she uses in her production processes, considering nature and animals; she aims at less ecological impact and less carbon footprint in all stages of construction, packaging and shipping.

After collecting the waste/unused/excess stock zippers and fabrics, she completes the cleaning process with vegan products. She patiently transforms the materials she decides to be suitable for punch embroidery into embroidered accessories. She considers those that are not suitable for embroidery as bags, wallets, inner lining and packaging bags.

She is among the privileges offered by the brand to personalize the products that are more special than the other, according to the name during the order.


Raw by Didit
Raw by Didit
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Punch embroidery is embroidered on scraps of fabric at Didit Handmade. “Raw by didit” collection, which was produced for the evaluation of fabric scraps that cannot be punched embroidery, “How can more fabric scraps be upcycled in Didit Handmade?” born of the question. The products in the collection are sewn as much as possible from the fabric at hand and therefore each product you see is limited construction.


Dotie Bag

The colors of the sea and the sun came together in “Dotie”. Made entirely by hand from waste fabrics, surplus materials and natural threads, Dotie


Shine Bag

Meet “Shine”. Its shine is not from its colors. It is made of waste fabrics, surplus materials, natural threads and completely handcrafted. In short, because


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