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Shine Bag

Meet “Shine”. Its shine is not from its colors. It is made of waste fabrics, surplus materials, natural threads and completely handcrafted. In short, because it is nature friendly.

All of the embroidery, sewing and packaging processes are done by hand. The production process of this bag, excluding packaging, takes a total of 14 hours and is limited to stocks.
If you want to print a name on the product label, you can contact @didit.handmade on Instagram. Unfortunately, returns cannot be accepted for custom made products.
Punch embroidery was done on the waste fabric using 100% recycled cotton, 100% organic cotton and 100% cotton threads.
The inner lining is made of scrap fabric. The zipper is overstock. For this reason, zipper and inner lining may vary in each bag.
Diameter: 21 cm, Strap length: 125 cm
The product can be washed and ironed by hand at a maximum of 30°.

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