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Fast consumption is a concept that emerged with today’s technology age. This concept tells us that we can quickly reach everything we want in today’s conditions. So, how are things that we can reach quickly produced, if they reach us so quickly, could it be damaging something?

Sorry, the answer to this question is yes… Humanity, who is a guest in this world, harms our world in order to live its mortal life depending on their passions.

Simply put, the effect of fast fashion on the world’s carbon emissions is 10%, this rate is more than the effect of aircraft.

Aircraft use and fashion is a necessity. But is fast fashion a necessity?

We want to slow down, we want to be authentic. We oppose this life in which everyone wears the same clothes and has the same decoration products in every house.

How Does?

Our designer network, which we have created as Reppatch, creates new and unique products by bringing products that are no longer used or in the waste category to life.

Our goal is to spread the vision of upcycling by being an example to people with our community.

Do you want to be original too?
Do you love our world too?

You can join our community or support our brands that embrace this vision.

We are working to make up for the damage we have done to our world so far and together we will succeed!