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Let's Transform Together: Corporate Sustainability


1. Step: Brainstorming

Reppatch team and Aksa Power Generation sustainability team came together and identified clean waste that could be used for creative upcycling projects.


2. Step: R&D Study

Upcycling methods of the identified clean wastes were analyzed by Reppatch project managers.


3. Step: Unique Products

Clean wastes upcycled into unique waist pillows with surplus denim fabrics and mass produced by industrial partner of Reppatch.


4. Step: Distributing

The completed waist pillows were delivered to the end user with an information card that turned into an Origami Crane.


5. Step: Impact

2 tons of material saved from being waste were turned into pillows and functionalized, raising awareness among end users.

Let's Explore Together: Upcycling Techniques

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Let's Do It Together: Reppatch Workshop

“Just as life gives you a second chance, it is a wonderful feeling to bring an egg carton, newsprint or a carrying box back to life, making it functional and helping it serve a completely different purpose with a different form.
Another magnificent aspect is that in this age when “perfection” is imposed, every piece I design and produce has an imperfect beauty. Forming a unique whole with all its flaws, roughnesses, deficiencies and excesses.
A complete “unpretentious but assertive” state.
I believe in the magic of sustainability; recycle and upcycle and I am happy to be under the roof of “REPPATCH” with the brand “Paperpulpdeco”.”

Reppatch’s Partner: Ebru Erengil


First upcycle; then recycle.

Reppatch; works towards 3 of the United Nations sustainable development goals called “The 17 Goals“.
To create awareness as a source of inspiration for individuals to change their lives and their environment towards sustainability in line with the 11th goal with our partner network.
To support and pioneer the brands that making upcycle in line with the 12th goal, by advocating upcycling, which is the first step of the sustainable production and consumption model.
Strengthen the implementation tools and fields of activity by creating a global partnership with the Reppatch Partner Network in line with the 17th goal.