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Nora Home Design

Nora Home Design was founded by architect Nuray Lükus.

Her work, which started with ceramics and continued with printing on fabric, resulted in designs made of paper mache with a workshop she attended in 2018.

In this period when consumption frenzy is increasing wildly, brand new designs and special sculptures are produced with the waste paper that has reached the end of its useful life. All materials used in the production process consist of end-of-life waste paper, cardboard boxes, wood, stone pieces, metal waste and wires.

The paper pulp, prepared patiently and after a very difficult process, is shaped by hand and new layers are added as it dries to reach its final form. These designs are sometimes painted with water-based paint, and sometimes they are left in their raw state and protected with water-based varnish.

“With these designs, sustainable works of art emerge without creating a negative impact on the ecosystem or harming the opportunities of future generations.”


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