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What is Decluttering?

The opposite of hoarding is “decluttering“, which I haven’t found a good Turkish equivalent yet. From constantly eliminating unnecessary things; items, documents, pictures, etc. In short, people who like to organize and minimize everything that surrounds them, who feel relieved and relieved by doing this, are called “declutterers”. Once it crosses a certain threshold, it becomes a disease, just like hoarding.

There are other things that those who feel good about themselves but don’t feel comfortable with being garbage can do and can do. After all, recycling is also costly and its sustainability and utility is controversial. Many things that cannot be thrown away or given can be turned into new and useful things. This is called upcycling.

Decluttering and upcycling…

Although these two occupations, decluttering and upcycling, seem at first glance to be purely functional activities and it is perfectly reasonable to carry them out in this way, they can also be seen and practiced as a kind of aesthetic activity. When it comes to decluttering, it is possible to carefully review and organize the visual elements of the environment, to emphasize the beauty of simplicity and scarcity, and to reflect a certain style and aesthetics to living spaces.

Upcycling, on the other hand, may aim to transform old or discarded objects into purely aesthetic objects rather than or alongside innovation and functionality. In both actions, besides living with sustainability, efficiency and environmental awareness, there is also creativity, imagination, an aesthetic point of view and of course technique.

Ayda Sevin