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Gülnihal Uluçay

Gülnihal Uluçay was founded by award-winning fashion designer Gülnihal. As well as specially designed products she has an upcycle collection, Gülnihal is a big supporter of slow fashion.

She will continue to produce her collections consisting of leftover fabrics that were created while preparing her collections, and the scrap fabrics she bought when she went to buy fabrics, as well as upcycled products.

In addition to the beauty of the design, it is a great privilege that the products are unique and only available to the buyer.



Bright Shirt

Made from high quality upcycled materials. It allows you to catch the fashion while doing something for the environment. By choosing this shirt you are


Shine Shirt

Upcycled satin shirt, stylish that you will love and also a sustainable option. Made of high quality fabric to reduce waste. Purchasing this shirt supports


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