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Furniture Upcycling

My desire to evaluate what I found turned into a passion enough to set up a atelier at home after 2021. The Pandemic that we have been through has also shown us that we cannot live by just consuming. Perhaps we simply squandered our depleted resources without thinking about most of the valuation opportunities we got. That’s why we donate tons of discarded furniture and chemical wastes to nature every year. When replacing with a new one, we buy it with the expectation that it will be discarded after two years.

So what are the differences when we compare the old furniture with the new one?

Durable and quality craftsmanship, almost antique
Wooden supports, all without chipboard
Durable brass accessories
Original lines
Many elements that allow you to modernize and play with it

In the case of cheap mass production new furniture;

Mostly flimsy chipboard body
Unoriginal and mostly prototype
A structure that can withstand an average of 3 times during relocations

When we look at this comparison, it seems much more rational to review our habit of changing quickly and to renew our existing durable furniture with a few touches instead of looking at it as outdated. Another option is to buy these furniture second-hand at very affordable prices, modernize them and make a new purchase at the corner of the house in a way that can accompany you for years.

Like I did; People are very shy about bringing something found outside, especially near the garbage, to their home. In short, my job is not something that everyone wants to do. But I clean them from the first minute, then do all the repairs and contribute to the world on a sustainable level by giving it a new life. The contribution to sustainability provides great gains in the form of abstract personal satisfaction as well as tangible gains. It is useful to put aside the shyness and try.

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