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Atelier Denim

Atelier Denim was originally founded by Fatma, an economist. Fatma, who dedicates herself to upcycling denim fabrics, continues to develop her brand with the happiness of producing.

Fatma, who can’t bear to throw away any part in the production process, is a big supporter of upcycle.

She produces special women’s bags and accessories by evaluating the fabrics and actually all the pieces of second-hand jeans that she buys at affordable prices. Saying that she enjoys every moment of the process, Fatma designs each product individually and often made to order.

Her designs are very easy to use and meticulous, reflecting her imagination and spirit. Her principles are; water-proof, upright material supported and sewing the lining.. She continues production with the awareness of sustainability and respect for nature by bringing denim clothes back to life.



Pocket Denim Bag

With multiple pockets outside, your phone, keys and other essentials will always be with you. Not only looking great, you’ll also help the planet by


Denim Clutch

Each bag is made from different pieces of jeans, adding a personal touch to your accessories. It is designed for you to easily store your


Denim Sleeve Bag

You can feel good wearing it, as it is not only stylish but also environmentally friendly. By adjusting the strap, you can wear it comfortably


Circle Denim Bag

Not only is it eco-friendly, it has superior durability as it is made of quality upcycled denim. Its rounded shape makes it easy to carry


Denim Backpack

This bag is the perfect option to carry all your daily essentials, from a book to a tablet or even a laptop! A great option


Patchwork Denim Bag

Not only does it look fashionable, it’s also eco-friendly! The patchwork style gives it a great bohemian flair, while being sturdy enough to store all


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