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Freitag at Vitruta: The Meeting Point of Sustainable Fashion

Freitag at Vitruta! Freitag, a revolution in the world of upcycling, now meets sustainable fashion enthusiasts at Vitruta stores in Turkey! Freitag is a Switzerland-based brand known for its pioneering in transforming waste materials into fashion by using them as raw materials. Born in 1993 with the vision and creativity of brothers Daniel and Markus Freitag, this brand has achieved worldwide success with its perfect balance between sustainability and functionality.

Freitag’s Story: An Adventure that Started on the Road

In 1993, when brothers Daniel and Markus Freitag started looking for a waterproof, durable and environmentally friendly bag, they had no idea they could build a globally successful sustainable brand. But their quest resulted in them creating the iconic F13 TOP CAT messenger bag, using old truck tarps, bike inner tubes and seat belts in a creative way. This is how Freitag’s sustainable fashion adventure began.

Over the years, Freitag has expanded its target audience by adopting circular economy principles more and growing with environmentally friendly materials and innovative designs. Freitag, which opened its first store in Davos in 1999, quickly became a world-famous brand.

Designs Inspired by Upcycling

Each product of Freitag has a unique story because its raw materials are abandoned materials. Waste materials such as end-of-life truck tarpaulins, bicycle inner tubes and seat belts find a new life thanks to Freitag’s creative designs and remain in the cabinets of enthusiasts for a long time. The materials, which are carefully cleaned and cut, are turned into durable and waterproof bags. Each bag bears traces of the history of the material it carries, so each product has a unique and special story.

Right Choices with Vitruta

Vitruta, as a brand that emphasizes the importance of making choices that respect nature with its sustainability vision, is pioneering the presence of another brand in Turkey by bringing Freitag to Turkey. Vitruta is a marketplace that emphasizes that fashion can be both impressive and environmentally friendly, taking various initiatives to minimize our environmental footprint. Vitruta not only offers quality and stylish products to consumers, but also encourages them to make environmentally friendly choices with its chosen brands, operational processes and entire brand strategy.

Not Just a Bag: A Lifestyle

Freitag bags are not just functional accessories, they also represent a sustainable lifestyle. Each bag encourages its users to consume less and use more with its unique design and story. Freitag’s products stand out with their durability and environmental sensitivity. While these bags become a part of daily life, they also help us take an important step towards a sustainable future. Freitag offers its users not just a bag, but a sustainable and conscious lifestyle.

Freitag at Vitruta!

Freitag’s unique designs are now waiting for their enthusiasts in Vitruta stores. Combining sustainability and creative design, these bags are a perfect option for individuals who are environmentally conscious and looking for quality products. It is also a great privilege that the brand offers a lifetime warranty.

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As the Reppatch team, we look forward to the days when Freitag will receive the same attention in Turkey that it has received worldwide. We congratulate the entire Vitruta team for bringing this successful upcycling brand to Turkey.

Nil Karul