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Denim Artwork Workshop


Workshop Flow

  • Education about upcycling and sustainability
  • Cutting denim pieces to size
  • Pasting the specified parts onto the draft
Muhammed Mulbay – Artist

About Reppatcher

Muhammed Mulbay is a unique artist in his art where recycling is blended with upcycling with the paintings he creates from pieces of waste denim. His works show his fans that a sustainable future is possible, as well as a homage to natural beauties.
Upcycling fabrics into works of art is an important step in Muhammad’s artistic journey. Believing that waste and forgotten materials have a valuable potential, Muhammed shows the power of giving new meaning to waste denim pieces by upcycling them with his art.

Date: 29 October 2023 

Location: The Vertical Project

Time: 14:00

Title: Denim Artwork Workshop