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Slow Fashion

Slow fashion is a fashion movement based on sustainability and ethical principles. It aims to reduce the understanding of fast consumption and the negative effects of the clothing industry. It aims to improve working conditions, supports fair trade and encourages consumers to make more informed choices.
It aims to ensure that the products are long-lasting, to be produced from high quality and durable materials, to use natural resources effectively in the production process and to minimize the resulting waste. Brands working with the principle of slow fashion generally attach importance to ethical values and take steps to improve working conditions. It ensures that employees receive fair wages and work under safe working conditions.
It encourages consumers to change their shopping habits with a more ethical approach. It advises them to pay attention to the quality of fashion products, the production process and the values ​​of the brand. In this way, consumers consume less, prefer higher quality products and shop in accordance with the principle of sustainability.
Slow fashion is considered a major transformational movement in the fashion industry and can even be described as an activism movement. It has started to gain more and more popularity among both brands and consumers. Slow fashion aims to create a more sustainable and ethical fashion industry, creating a positive impact for our planet and people

Slow fashion emerged for a number of purposes. Its main purpose is to reduce the fast consumption habits and negative effects of the clothing industry. If we talk about the main purposes of the slow fashion movement;


Slow fashion promotes environmental sustainability. This means using natural resources more efficiently, reducing waste, reducing carbon footprint and reducing negative impacts on the environment.


Slow fashion promotes fair trade. This means workers get fair wages, have safe working conditions, are not subject to exploitation and prevent child labor.

Conscious Consumption

Slow fashion encourages consumers to make more informed choices. Consumers are encouraged to choose quality products by changing their shopping habits, and to focus on more permanent and trendy designs, that is, timeless pieces, instead of keeping up with the pace of fashion trends.

Education and Awareness

Slow fashion places emphasis on education and information activities to raise awareness of consumers and industry stakeholders. By sharing information about the environmental and social impacts of the fashion industry, it encourages people to make more informed and sustainable choices.

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