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Studio Le Fond

Studio Le Fond was founded by Tuğçe, who is environmentally conscious and devoted herself to volunteer projects. Tuğçe, originally a teacher, is dedicated to preventing used glass bottles from going to waste.

“Le Fond”, which means “bottom” in French, is often used as “bottom of the bottle”, as in “le fond de bouteille”. Sustainable design started its journey from here, at the bottom of the bottle.

Now she is on a journey where she upcycles the entire used bottle, envisioning a rebirth from the bottom up. For them, the “bottom” is no longer the end of sharing, joy and joy, but a re-start.

With the support of contracted restaurants, they collect waste glass bottles that are about to go to waste, disinfect them, send them to slaughter and bring them back to life with designs that can be used with pleasure. They work to make the world more colorful with products that are environmentally friendly, reusable, produced with completely natural materials and ingredients, which they have transformed into with the understanding of sustainability and simplicity.




The colors of the upcycled vases in green and white; you can also choose the sizes as 14cm and 17cm.

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