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Second Spring

Second Spring was founded by Nuran, who has a passion for transformation. Nuran, who has just graduated from the Fashion Design at Marmara University, saying that there is no age limit for learning, established her brand with passion.

Nuran, who always defended the value of the old in the learning process, embraced the forward transformation in the design process. She adapts the outdated clothes she collects from her circle to today’s fashion with her design perception.

She aims to be a source of inspiration to the society with the exhibition and project processes she will open in the future.

"Give your clothes a second spring."




Fashion of the past, comfort of the future: Upcycled Cat Bed! Clothing and jeans that are no longer worn are transformed into a unique cat


Denim Lace Bag

Designed with the fabrics of outdated jeans, this unique bag offers a striking elegance that is far from ordinary. Designed with refined lace details and


Peacock Bride

This magnificent product, carefully designed from old lace fabrics, adds elegant magic to the decoration of your home. Lace fabrics embroidered in the form of


Hedgehog Denim

Designed with the fabrics of jeans that are no longer worn, this special product adds a unique touch to the decoration of your home. Specially