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Precious Plastic Turkey

Precious Plastic Turkey was founded by Haluk, who is committed to reducing his carbon footprint.

Precious Plastic Turkey, which is the first to locally implement the Precious Plastic project, which was initiated by the Australian-based, Dutch industrial Designer Dave Hakkens and spread all over the world, built the plastic shredding machine and joined the community. It transforms HDPE plastic waste into different specially designed decoration products.

Haluk, who originally works in the private sector, devotes his remaining time to local recycling.

The brand is the first Turkish member of Precious Plastic; Apart from production, it works to spread its local recycling vision in raw material supply and all other issues.

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Imperfectionist Design

The unique coffee table brings elegance to your interiors while showing and making you feel your environmental awareness. Made with materials obtained from the recycling


Recycled Coaster

Recycled coasters not only add decorative elegance to your home, but also doing a favor to our planet. Made with recycled HDPE plastics, these coasters


Foldable Side Table

This environmentally friendly seat tray is made with recycled HDPE plastics. It is durable, stylish and ideal for multi-purpose use. It allows you to contribute