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Lit Clue

The brand started out in 2016 with the sustainable design approach of “metal lathe sawdust” and sensitive and personalized accessories designed by applying advanced recycling methods.

The name of the brand, which was “Elif Sözkesen Design”, was renewed as “Lit Clue” for 2023. This transformation of the brand took place with the aim of hosting many designers and designs.

The founder of the brand, Elif Sözkesen; who is originally an interior architect, has achieved the upcycling of metal waste through the processing method as a result of her individual R&D studies. Designs that are brought to life by upcycling metal waste with a sustainable design approach are Lit Clue’s main products.

“We believe that every choice and action made in life carries traces.

How aware are we of the effects of our choices?

These choices; Do we do it with imposed and taught patterns or with our own desires?

We chose this name to remind us to always passionately follow the trails that lead to light.

The trail to light.”

Elif Sözkesen

İleri Dönüşümler

Rebirth Collection

This collection, which consists of recycling lathe sawdust with a sustainable design approach, symbolizes “REBIRTH”.

A collection of those who find themselves, those who are not afraid of being rebirth.


Brass Brooch

This collection, which consists of recycling lathe chip, symbolizes “REBIRTH”. And it is up to you to find yourself, to be rebirth. It is a


Crown and Hair Accessory

This collection of recycling lathe sawdustSymbolizes “REBIRTH”. And it is up to you to find yourself, to be rebirth. It is a sustainable and original


Metal Upcycling Workshop with Elif Sözkesen

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