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Jam Bottle Cap Art

Jam Bottle Cap Art was founded by Jeffrey, who was a bartender. During his years working in bars, he took responsibility for this waste, realizing that he could not watch metal caps and wine corks go to trash. He took the responsibility and started to work by collecting these wastes.

Jeffrey, who started to create magnificent works of art as a result of his work for 6 years, transforms the metal caps and corks of wine bottles formed in bars into works of art, instead of waste, in line with this method, which he found entirely through his own research.

Always inclined to use his creativity, Jeffrey creates incredible works that attract the attention of the community, even though he has no art training.

Today, Jam Bottle Cap Art has become a brand that reflects Jeffrey’s creativity and environmental awareness. Each of his works aims to make people think about the waste of the consumer society and the protection of natural resources.


Cork Wine Glass
Cork Ripple
Cork Sequoia
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David Bowie
Dolly Parton
Miles Davis
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Albert Einstein
Anthony Bourdain
Frank Sinatra
Kurt Cobain
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Turning 160 Year Old Newspapers Into Art - Jeffrey A. Meszaros

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