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Up Denim Art

Up Denim Art was founded by textile designer and artist Hümeyra Çakır. She works on wearable art and is interested in sustainable art.

Hümeyra, who has a bachelor’s degree in textile and fashion design, continues her master’s degree in the same department. The designer, who takes part in many exhibitions and projects with his designs and works, continues his thesis on sustainability in denim. She writes a blog to share her knowledge and ideas while dealing with topics such as sustainability and upcycling in textiles. You can access some of his articles on the Reppatch Blog.

She works in various fields within the framework of sustainability and produces upcycling textiles and art by combining this with an understanding of art.


Recycling 101

What is Recycling? Recycling is the process of reprocessing used or waste products and producing new products from them. Although recycling processes are mostly industrial

Devamını Oku


I think disposable is one of the biggest problems of our age as ‘disposable’ products. Was it always like this? It definitely wasn’t. I don’t

Devamını Oku



Upcycle Denim Bag

Upcycle Denim Bag, which gives new life to old jeans and creates a sustainable style! Made from pieces of denim fabric, this bag adds to


Denim Upcycling Workshop with Hümeyra Çakır

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