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Lonely Night

It was made by evaluating the parts left over from the production process and evaluated as waste in the Strom denim factory.

By using upcycled materials, the artist not only reduces waste but also adds a different dimension to his artistic creativity. He creates unique and interesting paintings by combining fabrics of different colors and textures. Each of his works has a special story and carries a different character.

Other Designs


Freddie Mercury

While creating the painting that reflects the unique energy of Freddie Mercury, a nature-friendly process is followed. The fabrics used are waste materials carefully selected

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The artwork created by the upcycling of denim fabrics conveys an environmentally friendly message. It was made using cutting waste from Strom Denim company and

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Made using cut-and-paste denim pieces, this original piece is a re-creation of Salvador Dali’s inspiring art. This work combines the power of art with the

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Statue of Liberty

Freedom and Dance of Colors! The denim table specially designed for the Kingpins Show came to life with the waste fabrics of Strom Denim company.

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