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Cacicakaduz is a brand born with the collaboration of Yasemin and Ezgi sisters, and these two talented designers, trained in fine arts, present eye-catching illustrations that come to life on their own handmade papers. Creative and original drawings created with linoleum printing reflect the spirit of the brand.

This unique brand produces its own upcycled papers by collecting clean waste paper from contracted small businesses. In this painstaking and patient process, waste paper is reborn and gains a new life.

After carving the linoleum sheets with their magnificent handiwork, they complete their work with upcycled paper. While originality and creativity cause their works to attract attention, their contribution to sustainability is also a great source of inspiration.




The dove, the symbol of peace and love, is designed as a linoleum print to bring happiness and peace to the house it enters. Limba


The Star

Star from Tarot cards symbolizes new hope, optimism, love, pleasure and balance. “The Star.” The linoleum print is also created with these feelings. Limba Wood