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Art and Roam

Art and Roam was founded by İlkin, who has a passion for fashion and sustainability.

She designs, sews and sells the fabrics and clothes that will go to waste due to incorrectly produced/waste/production faults.

Ilkin, which gives a new life to fabrics in the waste category, is a big supporter of slow fashion with her special products that are produced only one.

In addition, she also evaluates the leftover fabrics formed in its own production phase and carries out her atelier activities with zero waste.

“I collect the leftover fabrics from the fabric I use while making a product in a different place. By combining those small pieces, I make new clothes, which we later call one of a kind, with only one produced, so there is almost zero waste.”

İlkin Çopuroğlu



Hannah White Wrap Top

The fabric is soft and lightweight, ensuring you’re comfortable all day long. Plus, who doesn’t love the versatility of a white top, with endless options


Natacha Blue Cut Out Top

This top is not only stylish and eye-catching, it’s also upcycled and helps to protect our amazing planet. The vibrant blue color will definitely make


Wary Cut Out Black Top

It is not only stylish also environmentally friendly! This top, which stands out with the details on the sleeves and collar parts, makes you different.


Lara Gray Top

It blends perfectly with high waist trousers, shorts or skirts for a flawless look. By wearing this top, you will look stylish and contribute to


Stephanie Wrap Top

Not only its on-trend, it’s also eco-friendly as leftover fabrics are used to create each unique piece. It’s soft and comfortable to wear anytime! When