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Ìdìtè (The conspiracy)

• Catfish are called Eja Aborí(Headed fish) representing leaders. There’s a movement towards the middle were there’s already an ongoing meeting. A meeting in a meeting suggesting an hostile takeover in motion.

• How central intelligence is not always intelligent as same information passed from hand to hand changes form, untill it becomes absolutely something else. The movement birth the conspiracy as goofy news does on social media. 

• The only unnatural thing in this fresh water pond is the plastic rings. The catfished are planning an environmental protest.

• Catfish are born and are placed in water from home to home as though the owners care for the well being of the fish. Alas it ends in the pot as food. The temporary care is the conspiracy. 

• A monarch and his wife in the middle while subjects according to their ranks bring detail reports and informations to the monarch cat fish.

Compound Upcycle

PET, Enamel, epoxy on PVC

5ft × 1.2ft × 3.4ft


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