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USA, California

Claire Upcycled

Claire Upcycled is a leading brand in sustainable fashion. Giving new life to more than 2000 garments from used and upcycled materials, Claire Upcycled tells a story with every piece. The brand creates unique, wearable works of art by sewing designs printed with non-toxic inks onto carefully selected second-hand clothing.

Claire Upcycled designs are made from 100% upcycled clothing and are produced using sewing thread sourced from local small businesses or by donation. Founder Claire, as the creative producer of the brand, brings together special design products with her enthusiasts as the creative mind.

Claire Upcycled aims to make a difference in the fashion world and promote an environmentally friendly approach with its genderless and street-friendly designs.


Streetwear Launch - Claire Upcycled

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